Friday, February 14, 2014

English resources for updates on AntiCoup Egypt you probably don't know about

It took me a long time to collect this list after months of research. There's no excuse for any of you out there who keep complaining about lack of info on Egypt in English.

I'm not only including outlets I fully agree with ideologically and politically but I definitely think they're reliable for news and updates. 

A good strategy to reach an understanding to the situation in Egypt is looking on analysis on multiple fronts and not restricting oneself only to outlets we fully agree with. 

This is not mainstream reporting, and it's not run by celebrity activists, famous movements in Egypt, or westerners. 

This is the efforts of English speaking Egyptians in Egypt and abroad that came through since the coup happened in July 2013. Some of the outlets have been around for 3 years since the revolution started in 2011.

 Keep this list and forward it to people.

Facebook pages:

The Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights

British Egyptians for Democracy

Operation Egypt

We are all Khaled Said

ISAC-International Students Against the Coup

Egyptians Abroad For Democracy

Rassd News Network English

Twitter pages for individuals and groups I consider to be reliable sources for info on Egypt in English:

This will be updated and renowned when I come across something else or remember something I didn't include.

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