Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm inspired by Muhammad

This article is about "Inspired by Muhammad", a project leaded by:

I came across the site of the campaign while trying to promote a group I'm an admin of, it's really such a helpful site for a non-Muslim reading about Islam for any purpose and also for a Muslim wanting to know more about how to make the best of your life and other lives around you being a Muslim

So, this site gives a glance about basic modern concepts of  life from an Islamic point of view, in other words, If the teachings of  Muhammad, the last prophet of  Islam were to be applied and followed properly, what would they be like? and how are they related to universal ethical concepts of nowadays?

The main goal of the campaign I guess is to simply introduce Islam, reveal some of the unpopular facts and correct misconceptions about it to non-Muslims specifically in the western world where they are mostly not living with Muslims or worse, meeting bad examples.

There are live examples of Muslims who are inspired by Muhammad and videos can be found on the web site. 

So, basically you will find a man or a woman talking about some of their personal experiences in their lives, professions and relations with people around and the environment as Muslims abiding by the real teachings of  Islam and taking Muhammad as an ideal and a role model.

Topics covered are as follows:

Human Rights
Animal Welfare
Women Rights
Social Justice
Health Care

In addition, there are also sections for basic definitions and facts about Islam, Muslims, worship in Islam, terrorism and violence...etc

Selected topic from the site:

Surveying public perceptions of  Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad in the UK.

The Exploring Islam Foundation recently commissioned YouGov to survey public perceptions of Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad.

some insights of the results:

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