Friday, May 21, 2010

You wear Hijab ie:You are an Alien

I found this picture on a facebook group which reminded me of similar situations I experienced when I was in England.

It's funny because within the same day I was going back to Egypt I was sitting beside a couple of old women looking like this lady in the picture.

The first time was in the train from London to Newcastle and the other was on the flight from Newcastle to Amsterdam.

These terrified scared looks on the girl wearing Hijab remind me of the type of looks at me by people there.
 I was being stared at just like this way and worse by all kind of people of all ages. Muslim females living in western countries definitely know what I'm talking about.

So, this cartoon is not overexposing it, seriously you would feel like an alien when everyone around looks at you "SCARED" while you are not holding a shotgun or throwing a bomb. I think the presence of an alien would not even give such an impression.

Of course I've always been aware of Hijab issues in the west but I didn't excpect it to be the way I found it in reality and I was really surprised people are really that intolerant.

I mean It's not just about me or other Muslim women wearing Hijab, it's more about the fact "Acceptance" to those who are not of your "type" is absent in there.
They somehow expect everyone to dress, believe, speak and act the same exact way.

So, you are either with us or you are with "them", "them" are mostly bad ones, hate them and feel scared when your eyes fall on them even if these stares would hurt a lot.


Admin said...

It's happening because of ignorance and intolerance. Keep on writing and continue your job of spreading the light.


Ibn Hanif

Admin said...

Sister, Don't forget your blog "The Guiding Friends" , I am waiting for your new posts at that blog.

And do you know that I have gifted its ownership to Nuriddeen?


Dilvin said...

The last paragraph summarizes the point of view of people that have blinders on. However it could be even in a country whose citizens mostly are muslims or say that they are muslims. And it hurts more...