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This is our prophet Muahammad ,part 2

Once, the prophet Muhammad (salla Allah alyh wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) said to his Companions:” do you know who the Bankrupt is? “.They said:” The Bankrupt is the one who has no money or belongings “. He said (PBUH):” The bankrupt is the one who comes the day of resurrection with prayers, fasting and Zakat but he had abused that one, defamed that one, stole form that one, shed the blood of that one, and hit that one , then each of those is given from his good deeds, if his good deeds are gone before he repays for what he have done, it’s been taken form their evil deeds and thrown over him then he is thrown into hell.”

The prophet Muhammad ( salla Allah alyh wa sallam ) (Peace Be Upon Him) said : “ Do you know what is the Backbiting ? “ , they said :” Allah and his Messenger know best” , he said:” Backbiting is To mention your brother with what he hates to be said about him” they asked : “ but what if my brother is as I said about him?“ he said:” If he is as you said about him, you had Backbitten him. If he isn't, you had misjudged him.”

He chases Anger:

One of the great quotes of prophet Muhammad's (salla Allah alyh wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) is : “ The strongest is not the one who beats in fighting, but the one who can contain his anger. "

Another quote says: “He who points an iron rod at his brother, is being cursed by the angels until he gets it down, even if the other man is his indeed brother (of the same parents)."
Narrated by Abu Hurayra that once a man asked the prophet (salla Allah alyh wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him): “ recommend (advise) me “ the prophet (PBUH) said : “ Do not rage with anger.” The man repeated many times: "Recommend me” and the prophet (PBUH) replied each time: "Do not rage with anger."

He forbids Militancy:

He says: “Never get militant in religion; people before you went astray because of nothing but their militancy in religion."

Addition: look at his merciful heart (PBUH), he wanted to keep his Ummah connected to religion forever so he guided them to be easy on themselves, never to be tough or very strict ... He knew that we are all humans, we can't stand excessive worship.
The most merciful God has sent us the most merciful messenger (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him).
We all have the honor of belonging to his Ummah.

He calls for patience:

Lady A’isha – prophet Muhammad's wife – narrated that it was as long as two months without a fire being kindled in Muhammad's place; they used to live on water and dates.

Once a man came to Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) wishing to get a license for fornication reasoned that he is a young man and incapable of controlling his lust. the prophet (PBUH) dabbed at his shoulder nicely and asked: “ do you like your mother to be involved in fornication?" the man replied: " no, I don't." he said : “ do you like your sister to be involved in it? “ the man said : "no, I don't." he said : “ do you like your daughter to be so? " the man said : " no, I don’t." he said : “ do you like your wife to be involved in it?" the man replied: "no, I don't."
The prophet (PBUH) said: “O Arabian brother, and neither do people! They don’t accept it for their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives." That convinced the Arabian, he said: "O messenger of Allah, pray for me to be chaste.” The prophet (PBUH) prayed for him.
"By the time I had left Muhammad (PBUH), I hated nothing more than fornication." Said the Arabian man.

One day, Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) passed by a grave, where he saw a woman sitting by its side crying on her son who had passed away, he told her (PBUH):”Fear Allah and be dutiful to him. You should be patient." she said : “ go away from me, you didn’t experience my misery." The prophet (PBUH) walked away. The woman didn’t know him, then she was told that he is the messenger of Allah, she hurried to the prophet’s place (PBUH) apologizing and saying to him:” I didn’t recognize you." He – salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam – smiled and said: "Patience is at the first shock."
Which means: to be patient in the beginning of the crisis.

He commands us as regards neighborhood rights:

It was narrated about the prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) that he said about neighborhood rights : “ If your neighbor asks you for help, you should answer him. If he needs money, you should lend him. If he becomes poor, you should aid him. If he is ill, you should visit him. If he gets fortune, you should congratulate him. If he gets hit by a calamity, you should condole with him. If he dies, you should attend his funeral. Do not elongate your building over his, without his permission; to avoid obstructing the wind. You should not let the smell of your food reaches his home unless you give him some of it. When you buy fruits, offer him some. If you don't intend to do, so let it enter your house in secret, and prevent your child from getting out with it; in order not to hurt your neighbor's child's feelings."

A Muslim should always meets his neighbor’s unrighteousness with goodness. Once a man came to Ibn Mas’oud (one of the prophet's companions) and complained : “ I have a neighbor who keeps hurting, insulting and annoying me." Ibn Mas’oud told him: "go, and if he disobeys Allah by hurting you, you shall obey Allah by being good to him."

He forbids Fraud:

The prophet (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) once passed by a man selling food. He put his hand inside it and found it wet. He asked the man: "what is this, food seller ? " The man answered: " The sky (rain) corrupted it." The prophet said (PBUH): "Shall you show it on the upper of the food so people can see it? He who deceives doesn't belong to me."
One quote of the Prophet's says: "Allah still hates he who sells a defect that hasn't been shown."

He forbids extravagance:

One quote of the Prophet's says:
" If a man had two valleys of money, he would wish for a third one. Nothing fills his mouth but dust. Allah accepts whoever repents”.
One day the prophet (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) (Peace Be Upon Him) passed by Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas, when he was performing Wudu' (ablution), he told him: "waste not by extravagance."
"Is there any extravagance in water?!" asked Sa'd.
The prophet (PBUH) answered: "yes, there is. Even if you were on a running river, don't waste by extravagance."

He calls for Honesty:

"If a man tells you something, then turned his head (to check if anyone else could hear him) then it is a trust."
Said our Prophet Muhammad (salla allahu alayhi wa sallam)

Addition: That means you should keep your brother's secrets, even if he didn't tell you directly that it was a secret, but only if you felt that he didn't like anyone else to know about it, whether by speaking in low voice, turning his head all the time..etc.

When the harm of the disbelievers became so intense on Muhammad – Peace and Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him – he got the permission from Allah to migrate to Al-Madinah. There were many deposits for those disbelievers and others in the hold of Muhammad (PBUH), but the honest messenger didn’t migrate until he had assigned his cousin Ali Bin Abi Taleb to stay in Mecca to return the deposits to their owners, meanwhile those owners were conspiring to kill him (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam).

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