Thursday, December 24, 2009

Did you know about gaza?

ِAnd if you do know about it, do you still remember it?

These photos are just few example for what was going on in Gaza, Palestine occupied lands by Israeli armies during their attacks of December 2008 and January...

Despite the military attacks are finished, the whole place is still under a complete siege.

Whether you know what Gaza is, where it is located,and what is happening there or not ,

just try to have a look on this and figure out (logically) without any sort of bias..

And see how you feel as a human.

All I want you to do is to look at these photographs carefully because they have the ability to explain the situation more than any words any news reporter might say.

They come from a reality, somewhere on this pathetic planet where no logic, fairness, or humanity rules are applied.

Where fully prepared army forces kill children, women and elderly people in cold blood while the world is watching.

That place under siege where food, security, home and all simple requirements of live are not available for a normal human being wanting a simple life.

Where sadness, pain and grief
are the normal feelings of every day..

My brother and sister in Islam, my people of the world caring for preserving humanity and bringing peace in this world,
silence is not a solution, rather than that is a mark of approval...

Just because you are not a victim doesn't mean you shouldn't care!


Admin said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah Sisters !
JazaakAllah for this reminder, believe me I had really forgotten the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Asslam allaikum,I have gone ur blog know about the plestine attrocities by Israel. But it does not came to my mind tiny Israel surrounde by Arab countries but why bloodies this country is mum.Awaiting ur response.

An Author said...

Ibn Hanif:

Wa alikoum asalam wa rahmatullah brother :)

And Jazak Allah too, I'm happy I had the chance to be the one to remind you of them...
The situation is getting worse while the eye of the whole world is on my country, the nearest neighbor of Gaza!

An Author said...


Wa alikoum asalam wa rahmatullah and welcome to the blog :)

Well, we all know that it is a matter of all of us Muslims around the world..

Arab government leaders are a bunch of dictators and Arab people are helpless and repressed who need to get their own countries free first of all!